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The most cited articles published in Kovove Materialy-Metallic Materials
in 2019-2023 according to WOS

RankAuthor(s)TitleVolume (Issue): Pages YearFull TextNumber of Citations
1 SINGH, P., BANSAL, A., KUMAR GOYAL, D. Erosion wear evaluation of HVOF sprayed WC-12Co coating on some pipeline materials using Taguchi approach 57 (2): 113-120 2019 [open article.pdf] 16
2 ZURNADZHY, V. I., EFREMENKO, V. G., PETRYSHYNETS, I., SHIMIZU, K., BRYKOV, M. N., KUSHCHENKO, I. V., KUDIN, V. V. Mechanical properties of carbide-free lower bainite in complex-alloyed constructional steel: Effect of bainitizing treatment parameters 58 (2): 129-140 2020 [open article.pdf] 14
3 KLIMOVA, A., LAPIN, J. Effect of Al content on microstructure of Ti-Al-Nb-C-Mo composites reinforced with carbide particles 57 (6): 377-387 2019 [open article.pdf] 11
4 BARENYI, I., MAJERÍK, J., POKORNÝ, Z., SEDLÁK, J., BEZECNÝ, J., DOBROCKÝ, D., JAROŠ, A., ECKERT, M., JAMBOR, J., KUSENDA, R. Material and technological investigation of machined surfaces of the OCHN3MFA steel 57 (2): 131-142 2019 [open article.pdf] 10
4 KLIMOVA, A., LAPIN, J. Effects of C and N additions on primary MAX phase particles in intermetallic Ti-Al-Nb-Mo matrix in-situ composites prepared by vacuum induction melting 57 (3): 151-157 2019 [open article.pdf] 10
4 CEVIK, B., KOÇ, M. The effects of welding speed on the microstructure and mechanical properties of marine-grade aluminium (AA5754) alloy welded using MIG welding 57 (5): 307-316 2019 [open article.pdf] 10
5 BASAK, H., OZKAN, M. T., TOKTAS, I. Experimental research and ANN modeling on the impact of the ball burnishing process on the mechanical properties of 5083 Al-Mg material 57 (1): 61-74 2019 [open article.pdf] 8
5 KUBASEK, J., DVORSKÝ, D., ČAVOJSKÝ, M., ROUDNICKÁ, M., VOJTĚCH, D. WE43 magnesium alloy – material for challenging applications 57 (3): 159-165 2019 [open article.pdf] 8
6 RAO, D. W., YANG, Y. W., HUANG, Y., SUN, J. B., PAN, L. W., HU, Z. L. Microstructure and compressive properties of aluminum matrix syntactic foams containing Al2O3 hollow particles 58 (6): 395-407 2020 [open article.pdf] 7

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Full title of this journal is bilingual: Kovové materiály - Metallic Materials.
The official abbreviation in accordance with JCR ISI is Kovove Mater.

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