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Articles in press

The effect of laser pre-oxidation of stainless steel on joining to polyamide by the LAMP method
Reza Ghanavati, Eslam Ranjbarnodeh, Reza Shoja-Razavi, Gholamreza Pircheraghi

Effects of hot deformation on microstructure evolution, hardness, and intergranular corrosion of 7085 aluminum alloy sheets
Jiangjing Wu, Xizhou Kai, Chuang Guan, Rui Cao, Yutao Zhao

High-cycle fatigue and tensile strength of AZ91 Mg alloy with MAO-epoxy duplex coating
Filiz Karabudak

Austempering Ce-La inoculated solution strengthened ferritic ductile cast irons
Serdar Osman Yilmaz, Tanju Teker, Demet Demir

Effect of arc remelting on microstructure and pitting corrosion resistance of 441 ferritic stainless steel
Shuangchun Zhu, Baosen Wang, Biao Yan

Tribological performance of ceramic-based films under different tribo-test media and vacuum conditions
Yesim Zeynep Mandev, Ali Fatih Yetim

Crystal structure, magnetic and thermal properties of the non-stoichiometric alloys Tb0.95Pd2.20Mn0.85 and Dy1.00Pd2.15Mn0.85
Taras Kovaliuk, Ross Harvey Colman, Barbora Vondrackova, Oleksandr Kolomiets, Milan Klicpera

Microhardness and corrosion behavior of thermally treated Fe38Ni36B18Si8 metallic glass
Maja Dekic, Jelena Ostojic, Hader Sinanovic, Fehim Korac, Amra Salcinovic Fetic

Studying the impact of multi-pass friction stir processing on microstructure and mechanical properties of low carbon steel
Moein Moradi, Gholamreza Khalaj, Gholamreza Ghaffari, Bahram Abdolmaleki

Microstructural and mechanical behavior of unique aluminum matrix composites reinforced with pre-synthesized Al/Cu core-shell particulates
Rashid Ali, Muhib ur Rehman, Osama Bin Zia, Yasir Saeed, Ali Hassan, Muhammad Asad Tariq, Aqib Zahoor, Rub Nawaz Shahid, Naeem ul Haq Tariq, Fahad Ali, Owaisur Rehman Shah, Hasan Bin Awais

Effect of antimony addition on the microstructure modification and properties evolution of hypereutectic Al-Si-Zr alloy
Peng Tang, Kailai Yu, Xinghuai Mao

Resonance between the mixing energy and the elastic strain energy as the reason for the composition modulation effect appearance during spinodal decomposition of GaInPAs solid solutions
Pavel Moskvin, Sergii Skurativskyi

The effect of boron nitride (h-BN) and silicon carbide (SiC) on the microstructure and wear behavior of ZA40/SiC/h-BN hybrid composites processed by hot pressing
Emre Deniz Yalcin, Aykut Canakci , Hamdullah Cuvalci, Temel Varol, Abdullah Hasan Karabacak

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Full title of this journal is bilingual: Kovové materiály - Metallic Materials.
The official abbreviation in accordance with JCR ISI is Kovove Mater.

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