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VOLUME 60 (2022), Issue 3

Influence of nano-Si3N4(P) hybridization on the mechanical and quasi-static compression behaviour of AA6082-Metakaolin composites
vol. 60 (2022), no. 3, pp. 191 - 208
DOI: 10.31577/km.2022.3.191

This work studies the mechanical and quasi-static compression behaviour of AA6082/Metakaolin composites hybridized with nano-silicon nitride (Si3N4) particles. Hybridization with nano- Si3N4 particles was intended to improve the ductility of the composites. The composites were manufactured using an ultrasonication-assisted stir casting process. The weight fraction (wt.%) of Metakaolin was maintained as 7.5 wt.%, and the nano-Si3N4 particles were added by varying their wt.% from 0.5 to 2.5 % at the increment of 0.5 %. A premixing technique was adopted to blend the Metakaolin and Si3N4 reinforcements to improve their wettability and dispersion in the matrix. The tensile properties and microhardness of the composites improved with the incorporation of nano- Si3N4 particles up to 1 wt.%. The compressive strength was higher for the AMC with 1.5 wt.% Si3N4. The workability of hybrid composites was studied by the cold upsetting process where the composites were subjected to quasi-static compression.

Key words
hybrid aluminum composites, Metakaolin, silicon nitride, ultrasonication, tensile properties, workability

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