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VOLUME 57 (2019), Issue 6

Microstructure and mechanical properties of extruded profiles made from pure magnesium powders
vol. 57 (2019), no. 6, pp. 371 - 378
DOI: 10.4149/km_2019_6_371

Magnesium-based biomaterials are good candidates as a new generation of biodegradable metals since magnesium (Mg) can dissolve in body fluid. Therefore, implanted Mg can degrade during the healing process, and if the degradation rate is controlled no debris after completion of healing is expected. Besides its biocompatibility, inherent mechanical properties of Mg are very similar to those of human bone. This paper is focused on the possibility to prepare the pure Mg material from powders with further intention to use it as a biodegradable implant. Powders were consolidated via cold compaction to prepare the extrusion billets which were subsequently directly extruded to final profiles at a controlled temperature to avoid the formation of the thick oxide layer. The microstructure is revealed through SEM, SEM-EBSD, TEM, and HRTEM and mechanical properties are determined via a uniaxial tensile test. Results are compared with Mg ingot and WE43 alloy, which is commercially used for biodegradable (biocompatible) material.

Key words
magnesium, powder metallurgy, biocompatibility, microstructure, mechanical properties

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