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VOLUME 57 (2019), Issue 4

Joining of galvanized steel sheets and aluminum by REW technology using AlSi5 joining elements
vol. 57 (2019), no. 4, pp. 287 - 298
DOI: 10.4149/km_2019_4_287

In the present work, innovative resistance element welding (REW) technology is introduced for the joining of galvanized steel sheets to aluminum. The essence of the innovation was the use of an Al alloy joining element, which is suitable filler metal for brazing galvanized steel sheets and arc welding aluminum alloys. Analysis of the joint structure shows that the use of suitable resistance heating parameters (current, time, force) results in a brazed joint between the face of the joining element and the steel sheet, and a welded joint between the joining element and the aluminum sheet. The strength of the obtained joints is equal to that of the joining element made of AlSi5 aluminum alloy.

Key words
resistance element welding, steel/aluminum joints, joining element, properties, structure

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