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VOLUME 49 (2011), Issue 5

Effect of electrolytic nickel coating on fatigue life of iron based P/M parts
vol. 49 (2011), no. 5, pp. 355 - 359
DOI: 10.4149/km_2011_5_355

Electrolytic coating is one of the methods mainly used to provide corrosion resistance for the powder metal parts. The coatings have strong effects on mechanical properties of coated parts as well as on surface properties. The other factor that affects the mechanical properties of P/M parts is density ratio. In this study the effect of electrolytic coating and density ratio on fatigue life of powder metal iron parts has been investigated. Commercially pure iron powders were pressed under 150-200-250 MPa pressures. Specimens were sintered at 1100 °C in flowing Ar atmosphere for 45 min. Some of the specimens were electrolytic nickel coated. Coated and uncoated specimens were fatigued in rotating bending under the same conditions. Also residual stress analysis was carried out on both kinds of specimens. It has been determined that electrolytic nickel coating increased fatigue life of P/M iron parts. It has also been determined that fatigue life increased with density ratio.

Key words
nickel coating, powder metallurgy, fatigue, residual stress

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