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VOLUME 44 (2006), Issue 6

Conditions for hot rolling of Fe3Al - type aluminide
vol. 44 (2006), no. 6, pp. 321 - 326

Conditions for optimization of the hot-rolling process of the iron aluminide Fe28.4Al4.1Cr0.02Ce (at. %) were investigated. Parameters that must be controlled for rolling are temperature, strain and strain rate. All these quantities influence the deformation behaviour, which is described using a deformation resistance model and the observed structure and substructure originated during hot rolling.

Key words
iron aluminides (based on Fe3Al), optimized conditions for hot rolling, structure

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Full title of this journal is bilingual: Kovové materiály - Metallic Materials.
The official abbreviation in accordance with JCR ISI is Kovove Mater.

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